Unisfere is an independent and non-government initiative founded in 2022, specializing in the area of sustainable development. Our primary aim is to contribute to the implementation and localization of sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through a multifaceted approach encompassing youth empowerment, research, public awareness, and knowledge sharing, we strive to drive positive change.

As an organization, we recognize the pressing need to address the complex challenges of sustainability in today’s world. By actively engaging with the principles and targets outlined in the SDGs, we seek to create meaningful impact at both local and global levels. Our initiatives are designed to empower young individuals, equipping them with the necessary knowledge, tools, and networks to tackle sustainability challenges effectively.

By fostering a bridge between Afghanistan and the international community, we aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise, ultimately promoting sustainable development. Through research endeavors, we seek to generate valuable insights and solutions that address the unique sustainability concerns faced by Afghanistan. Additionally, we are committed to raising public awareness and sharing knowledge, as we believe that informed and engaged citizens play a crucial role in driving sustainable change.

Unisfere operates independently and without governmental affiliation, allowing us to maintain a dedicated focus on sustainable development and youth empowerment. Our organization’s commitment to academic rigor and excellence ensures that our initiatives are grounded in sound research and best practices.

Together, we are working towards a future where the youth of Afghanistan are equipped to confront local and global sustainability challenges. By promoting youth empowerment, research, public awareness, and knowledge sharing, Unisfere strives to make a tangible and lasting impact in the pursuit of sustainable development.