Our team

Founder: Mohammad Tahir Ghori, MSc

Biography: Mohammad Tahir Ghori is a passionate sustainable development professional with an educational background in civil engineering, water, and sanitation and a professional background in urban and rural development with a focus on water, environment, and sanitation.

Co-founder: Wazir Armin Mohammadi, MSc 

Chief Digital Officer of Afghanistan (CDO), Experienced IS/IT Audit Expert, Web & Database Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. 

Co-founder: Noor Ahmad Yaqubi, MSc 

Biography: Noor Ahmad Yaqubi is a researcher in the field of sustainable environment and energy systems with expertise in the field of flood risk management and climate change adaptation efforts. 

Co-founder: Jamilurahman Monir, MSc

Biography: Jamilurahman Monir is a young water and sustainable development professional with a background in hydrology and water resources.

Advisory Board and Experts:


Rahul Thakare

Rahul Thakare  is a water supply expert from India who has an MSc in water supply engineering from IHE Delft institute for water education. He currently works for Centre for water and sanitation, India as a Research Assistant.

Wahidullah Sadiqi: I am a water management professional with two master’s degrees and 10 years of working experience in this field. I enjoy working in teams as well as independents and I am passionate about nature-based solutions, climate change and water resources.



Noorahmad Kawsar:

Noorahmad Kawsar is a WASH and project management expert with over eight years of professional work experience in the field of WASH and project management with national and international organizations.


Azizollah Rezaei

Azizollah Rezaei an education development expert working in SDG 4. He is Co-founder and Programs Director at Village Development Organization (VDO), Adjunct Lecturer at Khatam-al-nabieen University